Vital Enterprises Investment Holdings is a service orientated investments holdings company with interests in publishing, financial advisory services & small business financial wellness development.



  • To be the preferred supplier of 1st choice by clientele
  • To be the best advisory & investment management company in South Africa
  • To be amongst the most profitable diversified investment groups in South Africa



  • To activate an affluent, healthy & wealthy 1st class citizens in a working democracy in South Africa
  • To cultivate pride, fairness, integrity, diligence, excellence & expert knowledge in the service of our clientele





  • Striking A Balance:  Financial Literacy-Stock Market Investments (Promoting Real Investments & Savings in South Africa)
  • Corporate Governance for Small Business Owners & Managers: The Psychological Approach
  • Living with God: Mysteries Revealed

Financial Advisory services & Investment & Trading tutoring


Business Management Consulting to small business owners